The LPG Company Membership

By joining our Membership Programme, whether you are an individual consumer, or a large corporate company, or even an estate agent, you will get access to problem-free, No-Nonsense customer service, which includes the below listed benefits. We have implemented the Membership Programme in order to give our loyal clients, peace of mind and uninterrupted gas supply. With The LPG Company you are not just another number on our system, you become FAMILY!

Benefits included in Membership Programme:

Included in the monthly fee, and dependant on your system design, we will (After an initial site evaluation) visit your property every 3, 6 or 12 Months upon pre-confirmed appointment, and perform the following duties:

  • Inspect & weigh your LPG Cylinders and keep proper notes on usage.
  • Exchange your LPG Cylinder if you have less than 1KG of gas left, and charge you only for the amount used.
  • Replace the Bullnose regulator seal every 6 months and leak test system.
  • Inspect the whole installation for possible leaks or cracks in PEX-AL-PEX Piping (Any repairs will be for the account of the owner)
  • If we did the installation from NEW, we will replace any warning/notice boards under the monthly membership fee, as they do degrade and fade over time, due to UV exposure.
  • You will be eligible for 10% discount on your COC certificate (Subject to physical inspection) and limited to 1 COC per year.
  • Estate agents qualify for a personalised COC fee, based on volume requested and subject to a sliding scale discount percentage.
  • You will get 1 Entry in our annual competition draw to stand a chance to win a prize that will be announced in November of each year. Draws are done on the second Saturday of December every year. Your entry is only valid upon NO SKIPPED PAYMENTS in a 12 Months cycle from January – December.

Membership fee:

Our membership fee is R100/Month, and is based on a Month to Month basis (NO CONTRACTS). Membership fees are to be collected electronically (Debit and Credit cards only) on the anniversary day of your first payment each month. We work on a strict NO PAY, NO SERVICE rule, and will discontinue any services to be rendered if your payment does not go through on the set date. If you wish to cancel your membership, just log into you payfast account and cancel it from there.

We look forward to giving you only the best service, coupled with peace of mind and uninterrupted LPG Gas supply.

Level Price  
The LPG Company Membership R 100.00 per Month. Select

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